I know this is a week late, but…

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Just want to share these two gems:

Turkey in the pan…

Turkey escaping!

Sorry the second photo is blurry- the boy is fast!  Also, this was taken after all the feasting.  Peter took a 3 hour nap at Grammy & Grandpa’s pretty much as soon as we arrived, missing the meal completely.  I really wanted to give him a taste of turkey for the first time, but he’s not really ready for meat anyway.  I just wanted Baby’s First Thanksgiving to be a bit more of a big deal, and it totally wasn’t.  But that’s okay.  I got my roasting pan photo.  Would I have preferred him more naked and surrounded by vegetables?  Well, yes.  But the fam (namely Patrick) wasn’t super supportive of this, so the Turkey was spared.  Just wait ’til next year, Turkey!  And future Bourckel Turkeys.  I will get the weird Anne Geddes-y photo I desire!


One thought on “I know this is a week late, but…

  1. Love it! I have been waiting for the turkey in the pan photo! And don’t listen to Pat – you should have taken the naked one while he was asleep – haha!

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