One year ago…

This photo was taken in December 2011.  Peter’s in there!!  According to BabyCenter, he weighed about 10.5 ounces, and was the length of a banana.


 And this photo was taken a few days ago.  Peter is about 23 pounds and I forget how long the doctor said he was at his last visit.  He’s big.
Peter’s holding his first ornament, which he broke.  I’m sure it said on the package that it wasn’t suitable for children, but I figured that since I was holding him, it would be okay.  Well, it wasn’t, and he broke it.  It’s okay- we’re making memories!IMG_9167
Check out Peter’s face in the following picture:
Could this be a preview of how he’ll look at me when Peter realizes how weird his parents are?
We clearly don’t know how to use our new camera to it’s fullest potential yet.  These photos are not stellar.  I honestly haven’t looked at the manual since the first week we had it, but am going to make that a priority next week.  If anybody has a good online resource for learning digital photography, please let me know!