Peter, 9 Months

Sweet boy, you are 9 months old today.  You have spent about as much time in the world apart from me as you did inside my belly.  It’s pretty unreal.  I remember the day I found out you were on your way as if it were a couple of weeks ago.  And now you are here, bigger than a lentil or a kidney bean or an avocado (we measured your growth by food, you know), with a personality and lots of blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.  It is a wonder.

Peter-love, you are getting into lots of stuff these days, and your dad and I should really be baby-proofing.  You pull yourself up on everything, and I find you after every nap standing in your sleep sack, gnawing on your crib or just bouncing and babbling with a huge grin on your face.  I can’t help but laugh and smile so big I get tears in my eyes when I pull you out of your crib, you’re so cute.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Speaking of smiling, you have 6 (very sharp) teeth!  You did bite while nursing for a little while, but it’s gotten to be less (and I am grateful!)  You’ve been so happy getting those teeth too, with no extra fuss.  You’re such a happy baby!  You are now clapping and waving and pointing to Mama’s nose and Daddy’s nose (after we set an example for you), and it’s precious.  We ask you for kisses and you sometimes oblige, although these kisses can sometimes end with a bit of a chomp.  We’re working on it!

You got your first fever this month when we were at Grandma & Pop Pop’s in Baltimore, and it just about broke my heart.  But you still laughed and smiled and were a delight to everyone who got to meet you while we were there.

We finally got a rocking chair for your room, and you will actually sit still and cuddle and read books.  Daddy and I both love spending time like this with you.  I love nursing you there, too, even though you’re almost too big to lay across my lap while I’m sitting in it.  We still tip-toe into your room every single night to gaze at your sweet sleepiness, and whisper about how darn adorable you are.

You light up our lives, darling boy.  I’m so glad I get to be your Mama!   I love you so much.



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