snow day

IMG_9810 IMG_9841 IMG_9849 IMG_9871 IMG_9931 IMG_9920

IMG_9941We got a lot of snow last Friday & Saturday!  We had a cozy Saturday being snowed-in together, beginning with amazing cinnamon pull-apart bread.  So yummy.  We had eaten over half of it by the end of the day.  And by we, I mean Patrick & I.  And I eat Peter’s share of course, because I’m nursing and I’m allowed to do that.  It makes sense.

I tried to snuggle with Peter, which lasted for a second.  And the boys horsed around some.  We played Boggle with our neighbors, and Patrick won, showing no mercy to our 8-year-old friend.  He’s the meanest when it comes to games.

We made some more bread and ate half of that, too.  We gave Peter a bath and put him in his sweatsuit, which makes his bum look especially adorable, I think.  And we sang some songs.  I’m glad I get to live with people I love and LIKE so much.  And even when he wins for the millionth time and smiles in that super obnoxious “I’m the winner and I wasn’t even trying!” way, I do love playing Boggle with Patrick.  Because victory is especially sweet when it happens once in a blue moon.  One of these days, I’ll win.  And it will be delicious.


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