the stinker

One thing that has changed as Peter has started to transition from infant to toddlerhood is his smell.  And I don’t mean the craziness going on in his diapers (it is foul, I tell you!).    I’m talking about that lovely baby scent that makes us sound like cannibals.  The smell that has us talking about “eating” our children, gobbling them up.  I realized quite suddenly that Peter does not smell like that anymore!  Sure, he smells sweet after a bath.  But he’s not generally smelling so delicious anymore.  He’s got more of a “I ate a banana recently” type of smell.  Even if he hasn’t had a banana recently.

It’s one of those revelations that are making me tear up these days… the days before he turns 1.  I’d like to think that I’m getting the crying out of the way before The Birthday arrives, but we’ll see.  I’m an emotional gal.


That’s the face of a stinker, it is.  He’s cute.  But he kinda smells.