Praise the Lord- we have a home!!

We actually received a call on Monday night saying that we were not the chosen applicants for the apartment.  When Patrick answered the phone, we were in the car, and Patrick pulled over as I cried and he beat the steering wheel a couple of times.  We were super sad.  But then, the apartment manager called us 40 minutes later to say the person it was offered to didn’t want it!!  Buuuut there was still another person in the running.  So we waited another 24 hours, and I was not feeling hopeful.  We called more apartments and set up appointments to look at them, rather grumpily (on my part… Patrick is generally more optimistic about stuff like this).  And then!  At 6 o’clock we got a call that we were the CHOSEN ONES!!

I have to say, this apartment isn’t a palace or anything.  The kitchen is small with very little counter space, there is no dishwasher.  There is no outdoor space of our own, and we still have coin-operated laundry.  I mean, it’s still an apartment.   Even after they offered it to us, part of me still reaallllly wanted to see “that other one advertised- it might be better!”  But in my heart of hearts, I know this is where we are supposed to be.  Patrick feels that way too.  So many people were praying about it, and we just felt blessed walking into it for the first time.  And after almost not getting it…. well.  It’s ours.  It’s in a great location, and it has what we need for a price that’s way lower than it should be.  Our POD will be delivered tomorrow, and we move in on Friday.  Thank you, Lord!  We’re so happy to be home.

IMG_1554 IMG_1565 IMG_1552

There are a lot of awesome parks nearby, but Peter’s favorite part is always the wood chips.


A wee update

Hello!  We arrived in California, La Canada specifically, on Thursday evening.  An elderly couple has graciously welcomed us into their home until we find an apartment of our own.  Ted & Carol have been so lovely and hospitable, feeding us and loving on our kiddo, but we are anxious to be cooking in our own space and sleeping in our own bed.  Actually, tonight we will find out if we are chosen for an apartment in what we think is an ideal spot.  It’s clean and cozy, much less expensive than other 2-bedroom apartments we have seen, within walking distance to cute shops & restaurants, a farmer’s market, and a grassy park & playground.  We want to live there!!!  If you are the praying kind, please pray that we get this apartment.  We are so ready to unpack and settle in.

Meanwhile, we have really enjoyed being here.  It was wonderful to worship with our new church family yesterday, and it warmed my heart to see Peter being welcomed and loved already by this congregation.  Almost as soon as we arrived, people were taking Peter by the hand and walking him around.  Two teenagers were on their knees talking to him and letting him hold their sunglasses & bracelets.  We are so thankful!  And besides our dear hosts, two other families have already has us over for meals.  One of those families had  taken us around on Friday to different neighborhoods (with their 2 and 6-year-old) to look for apartments, and had even called places on our behalf before we arrived.  On Saturday, when we told them about the apartment we were hoping to get, they actually left their uneaten Chipotle burritos at home, packed up their hungry kids, and drove over to see it with us.  Again, THEY LEFT THEIR BURRITOS.  Amazing folks, I tell you.

So again, we are not settled yet, but we are being well taken care of.  Before we left Massachusetts, our dear friends from Church of the Cross prayed that God would provide a special community for us, and specifically little friends for our little Peter.  And God has provided these things!  I miss my friends in Massachusetts terribly, and shed some tears this weekend thinking of them.  But, you know?  It is a pretty wonderful thing to have friends that you love so much.  Even though it surely makes my heart ache to be so far away.


Ah, the consistency of Starbucks!

Coming soon:  A bakery review!!!  Woohoo!!


Gorgeous Colorado:

IMG_1412 IMG_1423 IMG_1433 IMG_1417 IMG_1436

Even though we had a shorter distance to drive today, it felt like the longest.  We got up a bit later than usual, but otherwise, the first half of our day sped by.  It started with breathtaking views of the mountains and a hour or so stop in Vail.  I LOVE VAIL.  There seemed to be something for everyone: food, views, art, recreation, music, kiddo parks and fountains.  I wish we could’ve stayed all day!  There is not a cell in my body that wants to ski, but I totally want to go back to Vail to stay and explore in the summer.


There are stunning hanging baskets and boxes just bursting with flowers all over the place!


Pirate Park for Peter!


IMG_1476 IMG_1490

IMG_1501That stream was COLD! But Peter kept wanting to put his toes in… IMG_1502 IMG_1503

As the towns became fewer and far between, I started to get a little restless.  So did Patrick, I think.  The scenery was ever-changing and interesting, but I’m a city gal, and I like to know there are people around.  We did stop at Grand Junction at a Chick-fil-a for a late lunch…


Peter’s first kid’s meal! He’s a kid!

…but then it was a bit desolate-looking again.



Our attempt at a family picture


2nd attempt. Peter thinks it is hilarious to put his finger in his nostril.


It’s hard to believe that we will reach our destination tomorrow.  Not just our destination, but our new home.  Please pray that we will find housing quickly in a place that we feel comfortable and safe in.  And that we can afford!  We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection on our journey and for this opportunity in California.  I imagine that the next several days will be exhausting and a bit stressful, but we are trusting in God’s provision & timing (though we hope it will be soon!).  I will certainly update here when I am able.

Final stop: California!

A Haiku for Nebraska

A Haiku for Nebraska:

Open Nebraska
All land, sky, and fields of corn…
corn and corn and corn

IMG_1386 IMG_1389

Well, Nebraska wasn’t the most interesting drive ever.  But we did enjoy our stay in Lincoln.  Especially Peter!  This was his first time in a “big pool,” and he loved it.  These are photos from the phone… sorry about the quality!

0-1 0-3 0-2


We stopped at Ted’s Montana Grill in Denver (so yummy!) for dinner before a beautiful, hour-long drive to Silverthorne, where we are spending the night.  The mountains are gorgeous!

IMG_1401 IMG_1408

We’re looking forward to another scenic drive tomorrow when we head to Utah.  It will be a shorter drive- only six hours- so we are hoping to have some nice long stops along the way.  A dinosaur park, perhaps??

Illinois, Iowa, and more of my Dutch baby

We made it to Lincoln, Nebraska!  We left Holland yesterday morning and were able to attend our old church in Wheaton and spend time with friends from our college days.  My sweet friend Kaitlin and her new husband Patrick let us crash at their apartment after we had dinner together.  Reality started to set in after we pulled out of Wheaton this morning, traveling further West than I have ever been (besides our flight to visit St. Luke’s in May), venturing into unknown territory.  In the spirit of our journey, we are listening to a short book about Lewis and Clark.   We even made my grandparents watch a National Geographic special on the explorers the night before we left.  We’re dorks.

On the way through Iowa, we stopped in Des Moines for burgers and got to visit with another dear friends, Amedee, and her husband Douggie.  It was a short but special visit, and Amedee quickly became one of Peter’s favorite people when she gave him a bite of bacon.  Of course.  We weren’t able to attend their wedding in April, so it was especially sweet that we got to see them as they were traveling to the East coast, and we just happened to be passing in the middle at the same time.


Peter snacking in front of the Capitol building in Des Moines


After our horrendous night in Buffalo, the Country Inn & Suites that we are staying at this evening feels like a palace!!  Seriously.  It’s cozy and clean and no bugs were staring at me when I went to the bathroom.  AND!!!!  We received coupons for free drinks at the restaurant next door.  Yes, please.

To conclude this post, here is what you have all been waiting for: more pictures of my Dutch baby in Holland.  Many of them were taken at Windmill Island, where there were beautiful gardens and an awesome playground.  I also must say again that Peter has been so great on this long trip.  Patrick and I have been constantly amazed by his consistent sweet and happy personality.  He makes us laugh, and he’s actually made the car rides seem a lot shorter.  We love our little boy so much!


first time in a pool!


watering flowers at Windmill Island in Holland


just…. amazing.


Peter loves pickles, just like his Mama

IMG_1297 IMG_1313 IMG_1336


Tomorrow, we travel across Nebraska and through Denver, Colorado!



The one advantage to Peter teething is that he is super cuddly!


Well, we survived the sketchy bed and breakfast!  It really was bad, my friends.  In addition to cement walls and bare bulbs, the water pressure was but a trickle and a bug crawled out of the sink while I was brushing my teeth.  Needless to say, we did not stay for the included breakfast, and left before 8.

Peter’s fever broke that morning (Praise God!), and after a long nap in the car, he was his happy, chatty self. Thankfully, he slept through some craaaaazy weather between Cleveland and Toledo.  Patrick could barely see through the rain and loads of people had pulled over, but we thought it best to keep driving slowly to get through it as soon as possible.  At one point, there was hail the size of ping-pong balls!  Scary stuff, but we made it through in one piece.

IMG_1223 IMG_1229 IMG_0108 IMG_0123

It is a joy to see Peter with his great-grandparents!  And he had a lot of fun with my cousin Phil’s daughter, Piper.  He loves her.  He kept giving her hugs and kisses.  Adorable.  When did he learn to do that?  Peter’s brain has just been exploding with knowledge lately.  There has been so much going on with the move, that I am desperately trying to celebrate and take in all these special moments of his growing into toddlerhood.  It’s overwhelming!  He said his first 3-syllable phrase in the car on Wednesday:  Puppy Boo.  It’s a book he has about puppies that (surprise!) say “boo.”  When he says “puppy boo,” he sounds like a raspy alien, if you can picture that.  He also climbed into an armchair all by himself, which brought years to my eyes.  I still have to capture it on camera- he looks so proud of himself sitting up there!

We are thankful for the chance to rest for a few days before the next leg of our trip.  Peter looks at home at the beach, doesn’t he?  I think he’ll enjoy being a California baby.  In the meantime, he fits in with the Dutch folks of Holland just fine!


Niagara Falls!




We made it to Niagara Falls!  Our car trip was pretty uneventful, but Peter has a fever.  Only the second one he’s had in his entire life, so it’s heart-breaking.  He’s cutting 3 teeth, and one of them is a MOLAR.  I hear those are the worst.  And they actually are the worst, apparently.  He’s a sad sack but still, such a sweetheart and such a good boy.  A trooper!  But we are praying he feels like his old energetic self as soon as possible.

Patrick took the above picture of us by the falls with his iPhone, but I did try to take better ones with the “fancy” camera.  I’m determined to use it well, and brought the manual to read on the trip.  Hopefully my pictures will improve, and I will share some as they are uploaded.

We’re staying in Buffalo tonight, and our place is juuuuust a bit sketchy.  I think we will get an early start tomorrow.  Next stop: Holland, Michigan!  Land of the Dutch people.  My people.