Back in March, Patrick and I had a conversation that went like this:

Patrick: should I apply for a job in SoCal?
Jen: i don’t even know what that means
  south california?

Actually, that’s exactly how the conversation went, because I copied it directly from the gchat archives.  And… yes, Jen.  That would be Southern California.  I have learned what SoCal means since then, because we are starting our journey West tomorrow morning!  Right now, we are feeling emotionally and physically drained.  Something very precious is ending here as we leave our Northeast home of three years.  We haven’t always felt happy here exactly, or even at home in our jobs or in our apartment.  But we have certainly felt loved.  And loved well.  It has been so painful to say goodbye- my heart was especially heavy yesterday as we made our way to church for the last time.  But Patrick and I are overflowing with gratitude for our friends and family who have invested in our lives, shared their hearts, and poured love and care on us and our little boy.  We’re also extremely thankful that we’re not going West in a covered wagon, and we will see these friends again!  Planes and Skype are wonderful things.

Baltimore is where we spent our first years of marriage.  Boston is where we started our family.  We’re looking forward to the ways God will bless us in the suburbs of LA.  But until then… we drive!  First stop: Buffalo, NY!

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