Niagara Falls!




We made it to Niagara Falls!  Our car trip was pretty uneventful, but Peter has a fever.  Only the second one he’s had in his entire life, so it’s heart-breaking.  He’s cutting 3 teeth, and one of them is a MOLAR.  I hear those are the worst.  And they actually are the worst, apparently.  He’s a sad sack but still, such a sweetheart and such a good boy.  A trooper!  But we are praying he feels like his old energetic self as soon as possible.

Patrick took the above picture of us by the falls with his iPhone, but I did try to take better ones with the “fancy” camera.  I’m determined to use it well, and brought the manual to read on the trip.  Hopefully my pictures will improve, and I will share some as they are uploaded.

We’re staying in Buffalo tonight, and our place is juuuuust a bit sketchy.  I think we will get an early start tomorrow.  Next stop: Holland, Michigan!  Land of the Dutch people.  My people.


One thought on “Niagara Falls!

  1. Oh! I’m so glad I found out about your secret blog. I LOVE IT!!! I love Niagara Falls, I’m glad you guys went there. Will be praying for you throughout this journey and in the sketchy hotel. No more of these, okay? Wish we could’ve seen you all before you left. We’ll just have to plan a trip to California!!!

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