The one advantage to Peter teething is that he is super cuddly!


Well, we survived the sketchy bed and breakfast!  It really was bad, my friends.  In addition to cement walls and bare bulbs, the water pressure was but a trickle and a bug crawled out of the sink while I was brushing my teeth.  Needless to say, we did not stay for the included breakfast, and left before 8.

Peter’s fever broke that morning (Praise God!), and after a long nap in the car, he was his happy, chatty self. Thankfully, he slept through some craaaaazy weather between Cleveland and Toledo.  Patrick could barely see through the rain and loads of people had pulled over, but we thought it best to keep driving slowly to get through it as soon as possible.  At one point, there was hail the size of ping-pong balls!  Scary stuff, but we made it through in one piece.

IMG_1223 IMG_1229 IMG_0108 IMG_0123

It is a joy to see Peter with his great-grandparents!  And he had a lot of fun with my cousin Phil’s daughter, Piper.  He loves her.  He kept giving her hugs and kisses.  Adorable.  When did he learn to do that?  Peter’s brain has just been exploding with knowledge lately.  There has been so much going on with the move, that I am desperately trying to celebrate and take in all these special moments of his growing into toddlerhood.  It’s overwhelming!  He said his first 3-syllable phrase in the car on Wednesday:  Puppy Boo.  It’s a book he has about puppies that (surprise!) say “boo.”  When he says “puppy boo,” he sounds like a raspy alien, if you can picture that.  He also climbed into an armchair all by himself, which brought years to my eyes.  I still have to capture it on camera- he looks so proud of himself sitting up there!

We are thankful for the chance to rest for a few days before the next leg of our trip.  Peter looks at home at the beach, doesn’t he?  I think he’ll enjoy being a California baby.  In the meantime, he fits in with the Dutch folks of Holland just fine!



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