Gorgeous Colorado:

IMG_1412 IMG_1423 IMG_1433 IMG_1417 IMG_1436

Even though we had a shorter distance to drive today, it felt like the longest.  We got up a bit later than usual, but otherwise, the first half of our day sped by.  It started with breathtaking views of the mountains and a hour or so stop in Vail.  I LOVE VAIL.  There seemed to be something for everyone: food, views, art, recreation, music, kiddo parks and fountains.  I wish we could’ve stayed all day!  There is not a cell in my body that wants to ski, but I totally want to go back to Vail to stay and explore in the summer.


There are stunning hanging baskets and boxes just bursting with flowers all over the place!


Pirate Park for Peter!


IMG_1476 IMG_1490

IMG_1501That stream was COLD! But Peter kept wanting to put his toes in… IMG_1502 IMG_1503

As the towns became fewer and far between, I started to get a little restless.  So did Patrick, I think.  The scenery was ever-changing and interesting, but I’m a city gal, and I like to know there are people around.  We did stop at Grand Junction at a Chick-fil-a for a late lunch…


Peter’s first kid’s meal! He’s a kid!

…but then it was a bit desolate-looking again.



Our attempt at a family picture


2nd attempt. Peter thinks it is hilarious to put his finger in his nostril.


It’s hard to believe that we will reach our destination tomorrow.  Not just our destination, but our new home.  Please pray that we will find housing quickly in a place that we feel comfortable and safe in.  And that we can afford!  We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection on our journey and for this opportunity in California.  I imagine that the next several days will be exhausting and a bit stressful, but we are trusting in God’s provision & timing (though we hope it will be soon!).  I will certainly update here when I am able.

Final stop: California!


2 thoughts on “Colorado!

  1. Will keep praying. God is leading you for sure…. just trust. It’s hard sometimes, though, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing these photos with me. Pirate Park! I want to go there!!! I’m sure I’ll get to see hard copies at some point…. will your mom scrap them?!? God bless.

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