Settling In

Last time we moved, Peter was just over 2 months old, and I didn’t think we’d be living in our apartment very long.  It took me foreeeeeever to unpack.  The lingering boxes just added to the uneasy feeling of “unsettled-ness” that we dealt with this past year while we lived in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  In retrospect, I wish we had lived more fully there, investing more in the community and the aesthetics of our apartment.  But we live and learn, right?  Unpacking with a toddler this time has been frustrating, but it also makes me way more motivated to get it DONE.  We’re certainly not done yet, but we’re two weeks in, and from where I sit, I can only see 3 unpacked boxes.  That’s not too bad!

Goodbye, POD!!


The mountain view from our apartment:IMG_0174

Our kitchen is small and lacks counter space.  IKEA to the rescue!
IMG_0181 IMG_0184And here are pictures of the aforementioned toddler.  He’s so helpful.

“This cupboard needs baby-proofing, Mom!”IMG_0186

“Let’s open this box, Mom!”

“Mom!  I found more space in the cabinet!”
IMG_0199He’s such a cheese-ball.  I promise to post pictures when things look more presentable.  We’re finally at the hanging-stuff-on-the-wall and distributing knick-knacks stage!


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