Graham Crackers

My little buddy likes to eat.  He’s very good at it, too.  Patrick and I are fully aware that this could change beyond our control at some point in his childhood, but for now, he eats what we eat, which is  just about everything.  And we’re really glad about that.  Peter does have favorites, though.  Cheese, for example.  If there is cheese in front of him with a whole bunch of other things, he will eat the cheese first.  And strawberries (“ba-bre-yays”).  And now that he hangs around with his little buddies at the playground, he has discovered another favorite: graham crackers.  He is really just like a duck begging for food at the park, toddling up to moms saying “kack-kack?” (an efficient word: both for “cracker” and “noise that a duck makes”) as if I never feed him.  Here’s Peter with a “borrowed” graham cracker:IMG_1670

And now, here’s Peter with an empty fist, with a look that means he will perish if that fist is without a cracker for another second:IMG_1671More than once in the past several weeks, I have been in a situation where I did not bring a snack for my child, and he has begged other people (sometimes strangers!) for snacks on the playground.  It is embarrassing.  And if I did bring something for him to eat, it was sooo not as delicious as graham crackers.  Alright, Bud!  I’ll give you graham crackers!  In fact, I’ll MAKE you graham crackers!

IMG_2053IMG_2055These are actually really easy to make, using ingredients you probably already have on hand.  I found the recipe on and made them earlier in the summer for s’mores, cutting the dough into not-so-perfect squares with a pizza cutter.  They were a big hit!  Even without 4 perfect sides, they did the trick.  Yummy and homemade.  I adapted the weelicious recipe just a tiny bit this time:  I had exactly half a cup of all-purpose flour, so I ended up using 2 cups of whole wheat flour.  Because of this, I think, I needed more water for the dough to stick together, so after putting in the called-for 1/4 cup of water, I added one tablespoon more at a time until the dough stopped sticking to the sides and formed a ball.  More whole wheat can’t be bad, right?IMG_2065

I used a cookie cutter for this batch because it was just easier.  I only have Christmas cookie cutters and hearts for Valentine’s Day, so hearts it was!  It’s a perfect size for Peter’s little mitts.  He loooves them, and so do his little friends.  Now I’m that mom with the homemade graham crackers, which makes me chuckle.  But for reals, these are easy.  Here’s the recipe again.  Enjoy!


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